Update 2.0 - Siege with Reward
Dear players Attention to the users of bots and programs, we will start the mass ban. The player who is caught will take ban on all accounts that have been logged in the same...
14 March, 2018
News 12 March
Good day dear players like you can see we are still suffering attack but in another way, with the new dedicated we are achieving supports the attack without falling the server, but...
12 March, 2018
Reopening TODAY at 6:00 p.m.
Good afternoon players, it is with a lot of work and dedication that we have just completed the configuration and migration of our new hosting and dedicated with optimal DDoS...
11 March, 2018
Please read !
It is with great sadness that I come to communicate to you that we will have to schedule a reopening, we received a message from Hyperfiler that says: Hello, Homer. "T...
10 March, 2018
TODAY Big Inauguration Lion 50x
Time zones server Open: Great Inauguration Today. at 18:00 UTC-3 Russia - Moscou: 00:00 Ukraine - Kiev: 23:00 Greece - Atenas 23:00 Portugal - Lisboa 21:00 Spain - Madri 22:0...
10 March, 2018
Downloads and Register ONLINE
Both have already been released! Come and be one of the first to connect to the server at the grand opening! Do not miss the last minute, download the patch and register your accou...
06 March, 2018
New Lion Season 2k18
New season starts on March 10, 2018! Invite your friends and enemies, because here your fun will be guaranteed!
06 March, 2018